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A fellowship built to serve a community of professionals committed to medicine in the most challenging circumstances


Application process

1. Submit your application online through our website.
We recommend using the following sample documents:
Fellow sample
Member sample

2. Your application will then be reviewed by our panel, which is moderated by at least one external assessor for quality assurance and fairness.

3. We will respond via the email address provided within 28 working days (typically faster).

4. If your application is successful, you will be invited to pay the membership or fellowship fee. We will activate your account on receipt of this, and you will be sent your digital certificate.

5. If your application is unsuccessful, we will endeavour to explain why and advise what further steps you may want to consider before reapplying. We reserve the right to refuse fellowship or membership based on our professional judgement. There is no appeals process.


Annual fees:
Membership – £95
Fellowship – £125



Applicants must have:

1. Accrued at least four years of postgraduate clinical practice dated from when your primary professional qualification was awarded. (This applies to clinician applicants only)

2. Either directly provided AND/OR been involved in AND/OR supported the provision of medical care to participants entering into extreme environments and demonstrated aptitude and sound judgement in this role. Applicants must provide examples.

3. Made a significant contribution to improving clinical care in the domain of extreme and wilderness medicine. Examples might be quality improvement, setting up or redesigning a service or care pathway, capacity building, system redesign, risk management or engaging with audit or research.

4. Have been a named author in at least one research piece, article or broadcast in the delivery or support of extreme and wilderness medicine that has been published by a reputable source.

5. Contributed to postgraduate education in extreme and wilderness medicine by delivering at least one teaching session on a relevant topic in your usual workplace, AND/OR presented work at a recognised course or conference.

6. Kept yourself up to date by engaging in CPD (Continuing Professional Development – learning events) directly relevant to extreme and wilderness medical practice AND/OR linked to an allied profession that supports this work.


Applicants should meet the following criteria:

1. Must be either a healthcare professional (working or in training) OR someone in an allied profession that supports the delivery of healthcare.

2. Demonstrate you have an interest in healthcare provision in extreme and wilderness environments.