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Code of Conduct



Code of conduct and values 

Members and fellow are expected to act in accordance with the values of World Extreme Medicine.

Collectively, they form a highly influential part of a broader community of practice that seeks to develop and promote the practice Extreme & Wilderness Medicine as a professional discipline.

We welcome members from a diverse range of allied clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. All members and fellows have a duty to adhere to the same high professional standards of their governing professional body (such as the GMC for doctors, HCPC for paramedics or the NMC for nurses). This includes:

  • Showing respect for patients and colleagues. Treating them fairly and without discrimination.
  • Acting with honesty and integrity
  • A commitment to delivering (or supporting the delivery of) the highest possible standard of medical care which environmental and technical constraints allow.
  • Making the care of patients your first concern
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of patient data through careful communication and record-keeping.
  • Working in a way that is sensitive to local cultural norms and customs when operating overseas.
  • Maintaining the same professional boundaries with patients and clients as you would in your usual place of work.
  • Maintaining your professional knowledge and ensuring your clinical or technical skills are up to date.
  • Working within the limits of your technical competency.

Subscriptions must be paid promptly and in full.


All fellows and members agree to the following: 

‘I will, to the best of my ability, adhere to the values and code of conduct of the professional practice of Extreme and Wilderness Medicine. I commit to learning from those around me and sharing what I have learned with others so that we may all raise the standard of care for patients in extreme environments together. I will act as an advocate, a teacher and a positive role model. I will balance humility with courage and always make patient care my first concern in whatever situation I find myself in.’ 

Should fellows or members be aware of any circumstances that they feel may contradict this, they must declare them. Declarations will be treated in confidence, and any such details will be considered on their own merits.

Should an individual be deemed to be in breach of the above definition, they will be subject to review which may result in the loss of the benefits of membership, or fellowship, including the use of the post-nominal.