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    Burjor Langdana

    What is wilderness expedition dentistry?
    Wilderness expedition dentistry (WED) is a branch of medicine that addresses prevention, assessment and management of accidents and emergencies associated with the orofacial region in remote settings, where definitive care is often days or weeks away.
    This is a rapidly evolving field of increasing importance as more people engage in potentially hazardous and longer expeditions. But the role of the wilderness expedition dentist also involves many additional topics, including:
    1) Secondary care follow-up, sustaining the patient to the end of the expedition
    2) Evaluating experience and issuing updated training to expedition medics
    3) Epidemiological studies
    4) Humanitarian dentistry regarding organising, running and issuance of guidelines for running dental camps in remote access areas for the local population, or in the increasing number of refugee camps.
    How to get involved?

    Post you questions here. We as a part of the FEWM family will do our best to guide you on your way…

    Kai Müller

    Dear Burjor,

    we have a common friend so I was luck enough to have a look at your class and I love it. Not only the content but also your way to teach and explain. As this is “only” a video class I would love to join a full workshop with you.

    As Cov-19 is keeping the world upside down I was wondering if there is any plan to run a class in the future and if so when that would be ?

    Best from Norway


    Burjor Langdana

    Dear Kai
    Thank you so much for the compliment. The world is indeed upside down. I just realised after looking at the diary. Quite a few of the classes have changed dates and so have running events. Sods law, they are clashing against each other. But then , that shows life is gradually getting back to normal. Would absolutely love to have you on the hands on workshop when it starts.
    The advantage of this period of no workshops is that we have managed to make MP4 videos of the workshop video matter. So hopefully the plan in future would be to allow access, to participants to these, prior to the workshop.
    Hence during the workshop we can focus straight onto the practical hands on component. Thus there will be more time to practice. And you will have us peer over your shoulder to advise, compliment , suggest and answer all your questions.
    This enforced break has given us the opportunity to even better utilise our teaching time with you guys. Every cloud, silver lining and all that 🙂
    Hopefully workshops should start by Expo time. Facial Trauma workshop we only ran for Masters Students , SOF Medics and in our Slovenia course. Time is always the pressure in these courses.
    Looking forward to meeting you
    Kindest Regards

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